Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I just stopped by to wish you all a merry merry Christmas!

On this special holiday, be with the ones you love the most, smile all the time and make thousands of wishes! I hope you all have the most peaceful and beautiful Christmas!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Macaron Surprise!

I guess it's true that you find something only when you stop searching.
I've seen tons of pictures of these sweets and was pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to find them in Bulgaria. First of all, it took me a whole lot of time to understand that they are called macarons and are typical french cookies that look sooo good and taste even better.
I searched everywhere, only to find a similar-looking cookie in Starbucks, which wasn't even colourful. So, I had forgotten about macarons. Until today.
My boy surprised me with a cute little carton box today and when I saw the cute little cookies inside, I nearly cried. They not only look amazing, but they taste as heaven as well!

So, run to your local pastry shop and ask for macarons! You won't regret it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Winter Fairytale

Winter is officially here. Yay!

I am really sick at the moment because of yesterday's adventures, but it was totally worth it. I was outside almost the whole day and couldn't stop oooh-ing and aaaah-ing about the beautiful sceneries. I took soo many pictures that my hands nearly froze, but... oh, well. I adore winter, or at least the first couple of snowy days, when the snow is still pearly white and clean. People are hurrying to their homes for a hot sip of tea, children are sqeaking around and throwing snowballs and it's all so magical and white.

Like a winter fairytale.

Monday, December 13, 2010


It took me forever to finish this one.
Per usual, my idea was slightly different. I wanted to draw a huge illustration of a peacock with lots of colours and details. I looked at tons of photos of this lovely bird and wanted to draw it as realistic as possible. Then, when I finished it, it was nothing like my other illustrations. (in a bad way, though.)
Drawing realistic images was never my strong point. That is why I started all over again (a couple of times, actually) until I came up with this... It still looks like a peacock (at least to me!) and has my own signature. Isn't that what's the most important?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Drink me!

Yay! I finally found the perfect Alice in Wonderland themed necklace!
Alice has been one of my favourite books since I was a kid (along with Winnie the Pooh and The Little Prince) and I just squeaked with delight when I saw this pretty necklace, the last one!, waiting for me to take it.
And yes, I haven't taken it off ever since.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Queen of the Ocean

My laptop is back, my Photoshop is working properly and I can't be happier!
I guess this is the perfect start of an awesome week. Happy Monday everyone!


Saturday, December 04, 2010

A day in December

Yesterday was the last sunny day of December (at least according to the weather forecast) so me and my boy decided to spend it in the park, taking pictures, eating pretzels and laughing hard.
Today it's raining cats and dogs so I guess we'll just cuddle, watch another episode of Pushing Daisies (yay!) and drink some fruit tea.
What are your plans for the weekend?

Friday, December 03, 2010


This calendar was planned a long time ago, but I guess I had to clear my head off of everything else (by still not having my laptop fixed) to remind myself of the idea. Drawing it was a real adventure, actually. Firstly, when I finished with half of the months and planned the pictures of the other half, Dexter came out of nowhere to lick all of the little cards and smear the ink. Cute, right? So, I started all over again... and at the time I was colouring the sweet July cherries, the electricity went off. For the whole night! I was too excited about the calendar to leave it half done, that I finished the rest on candle light. How romantic is that?
I used super pretty recycled cardboard paper and my favourite fountain-pen and I actually like this calendar more than the one I had started on Photoshop. Moreover, it's one of a kind!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas decorations

Aren't you excited that Christmas is less than a month away?! I am!! Pretty much!
I already decorated the whole house with cute Christmas stuff and even took some pictures, but since my laptop is broken and I cannot upload anything, I will only show you some hipstamatic sneak peeks:

Oh! And i found the cutest Christmas tea mug ever! (I guess I'm starting a Starbucks collection!). I can't wait for the freezing winter days when I'm at home, reading a book and drinking sweet tea from this:

So, have you put up your Christmas decorations? If yes - I want to see pictures! If not - hurryyy! :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Dream Factory

Yep, that's where your dreams are born!

P.S. - I drew that with a fountain-pen and printed it later on cardboard. It was so much fun! My PS may be broken, but that doesn't mean I will stop drawing now, does it?


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perfect Weather

Is it November, or is it March? I just feel like winter is leaving, not coming.
The weather outside is so amazing!
Although I admit I can't wait for the first (real) snow, I will totally miss the clear blue skies and warm golden sun...

Friday, November 19, 2010


My November picks are romantic, melancholic and sweet. Probably because I don't want to say goodbye to autumn. Have a listen to these if you have the chance:

1. Justin Nozuka - After Tonight
2. Tricky - Overcome
3. Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow
4. Melody Gardot - Who Will Comfort Me
5. Dessa - Go Home

Happy Friday!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Read of the Month: November

I decided it's high time I read some real modern classics. I've always preferred to buy books by not-so-well-known authors and give them a chance. Most of the time it's been a good read. But sometimes the ending is just so unsatisfactory that I feel bad for wasting my time on the whole book.
That is why I made a list of modern classics worth reading (with proven good endings!) aand "1984" by Orwell came up first (because I found it well hidden under pile of other books at home!).
I've read more than 3/4 of it and it's just brilliant! If you ever have the chance - read it. I'm sure you won't regret it!


Monday, November 15, 2010


I've always wanted a hat like that! Haven't you?
Sorry for the low quality picture, but it seems like my PS problems aren't that simple... Once I get it fixed, expect tooons of new projects!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh noes!

True fact: I cannot live without Photoshop. Does that make me super nerdy?
It's just that I have soooo many ideas both in my head and sketchbook and I cannot work on them because my Photoshop is playing tricks on me. I now work with pastels and acrylics but I reaaally miss drawing with my tablet and can't wait to get my laptop fixed and PS reinstalled (hope that works!).
Keep your fingers crossed!


Saturday, November 06, 2010

teeny-tiny camera!

Okay it doesn't take pictures. But it's the cutest little camera I've ever seen!
I found it in a huge toy store and fell in love immediately! It has a flash and makes the exact same camera sound when you press the button. How cute is that?
It is actually pretty easy to believe it's a real camera. (really!) I'm thinking of using it as a necklace charm and telling people it's a super secret spy camera. Shhh! Only you know the truth :)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hot-air balloons

Don't you just want to jump in one of them and fly to somewhere?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dexter time!

It has been raining a lot here lately and I was always very sad when taking Dexter out because I knew in advance I would be soaking wet when I come back home. (especially my socksies!)
Today I found the perfect solution - cute striped rubber boots. I spent the whole day out with Dexter and we had soo much fun (without the wet socks! Yay!). We jumped in puddles, fetched sticks, played with other dogs and ran around and it was such an adventure! At the end of the day Dexter was so tired that he fell asleep the moment we got back home.
I didn't know that wearing rubber boots can be so much fun! I can barely wait for our next walk in the park!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A magical place...

Have you ever heard of Jakriborg? I hadn't. And shame on us!
It's a maaagical place somewhere in Sweden and it looks just like a fairytale village. I accidentally came across some photos of it on Flickr and couldn't help myself but draw a picture!
It somehow reminds me of Hogsmeade, probably that's the reason I fell in love with the place (Note: yep, I'm a Harry Potter nerd. Although I've never seen the movies, I l-o-v-e all 7 books!).
I reaaaally want to go to Jakriborg someday. It will be winter, I will be sitting on a bench drinking hot cocoa and just staring at those beautiful beautiful houses! I will be in my own fairytale!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eye candy!

How can you not love m&m's?!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's In my bag?

I've recently found the perfect little bag and couldn't wait to take some pictures of it. And what's better than a little "what's in my bag" post?
It's a real wonder that a small bag like this one can hold all of my stuff but it does!! And it looks pretty cute, too!
So, here's the list of the things I carry with me every day (from upper left to right):
1. paper hankerchiefs
2. sanitizer and some make-up :)
3. reading glasses
4. agenda
5. forest fruit orbit drops
6. matchbox
7. home keys
8. iPod
9. super warm gloves, yay!
10. wallet
11. phone
12. gum

That's it!


Yesterday me and my boy drove around town in search of a similar-looking ice-cream. I remembered I had seen it on a McDonald's billboard (sad but true!) and we headed to the nearest one, but the girl working there told us that there isn't such thing as "a cup of white cream with colourful candy topping". On our way home I saw the same billboard again (and I was pretty sure there was such a product on the picture!), so we drove to another McDonald's in search for the cute little ice-cream. This time I even spotted a kid ordering it, so I ran and ordered just the same. Sadly, it looked nothing like the picture... It was just a tiny little ice-cream with two or three smarties on top. Sad, right? So... I decided to make my own Smarties mini ice-cream (that's the name they use in McDonald's) at home and look how cute it turned out!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bird dance

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but I promise I'll catch up!
I've been busy with my english course, setting up dates for Dexter and his girlfriend (yep, Dexter's got a girlfriend already - Riva! How cute is that?) and writing... Although I have some essays to work on today, I took some time to draw this cute little drawing of the dancing girls. I'm also working on some other ones that I will show you soon enough :)

have an inspirational week you all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's thermos season!

I've always wanted to find the most simple and original Starbucks thermos and I finally did! I am so happy I've been drinking tea out of it like craaazy! It is definately something I'd bring everywhere I go! Freezing winter days, I'm not afraid! (i still need to buy me some gloves though.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can you guess what that is?

A good friend of ours left the country for a week or two and left his cute little pet for me & my boy to take care of. This little fella is a salamander called Happi and is the cutest thing!
I couldn't take some proper pictures because he obviously doesn't like cameras and runs away everytime i try... but you can still see his cute little eyes and funny coral-looking ears. Isn't he adorable?

Friday, October 08, 2010

Autumn... again!

I pictured the autumn weather a liiiiittle bit different. It's just waaaay to cold outside to call it autumn! (at least here!)
I have few more things to buy and my fall wishlist will be completed. One of them is scarves-scarves-scarves! I realized I have only two and need at least... Oh, I don't know - a hundred? I bet this girl here on my drawing doesn't need one... lucky her! :D

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A letter to a dear friend

I have a bunch of letters to write and send out and thought it would be fun if they were written on some fancy paper. I searched everywhere for a nice set of sheets and since I couldn't find a decent looking one... I decided to draw my own!
It's only an idea in my head, but I actually might design a whole set of these, with envelopes and all... It was so much fun!
What about you, do you still send and recieve some old fashioned letters? Or do you prefer the internet to connect with those who are far away?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I know it's just the beginning of October, but I already have my top favourite songs which are so magical I just can't wait to share with you.
So, here are my October picks:

1. Najwa Nimri - Following Dolphins
2. The XX - Crystallized
3. Jose James - Blackmagic
4. Jett Valentine - Outlaws
5. KiloWatts - Enter Lily

I have to admit that since I heard numer two - Crystallized - I've put it on repeat and just can't stop listening to it! It is something you should really check out!

Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Read of the Month: October

My read of October is called "The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God". It's a book of short stories by Etgar Keret and it's a true pleasure to read. I've only read three or four stories and I already love them all. I guess Oberver's review is absolutely true: "Keret can do more with six paragraphs than most writers can with 600 pages."


Saturday, October 02, 2010

On a Saturday afternoon

Vanilla cream, a good read and October sun = my perfect Saturday afternoon. What's your idea of a lovely Saturday afternoon?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy days are pretty!

Yep, summer is officially gone and today's wheather proved it.
I managed to take a couple of pictures from inside the car on our way back from the gym and I can't wait to print and frame all of them! They just look sooooo magical!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i Love you!

When you have a special someone, you need to show him your love every single day, in a different way. When you have a special someone you somehow know you are even more special to deserve him or her. When you have a special someone, you feel inspired to create beautiful things all the time.
When you have a special someone, ordinary things like drinking tea become rituals of love and joy. Boring shopping becomes party at the supermarket. Driving is more like a secret mini-concert.
I had a great Monday just because my boy was at home. And how was your day?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Morning!

What's more wonderful than a nice cup of tea in bed on a Sunday morning? Especially when it's raining outside and you can hear the raindrops drumming on your windowsill. It's such a delight!
I l-o-v-e this time of the year, I love my boy, bringing me tea in bed, I love how Dexter snuggles up to me when he hears a strange sound... oh, how I love Sunday mornings!
What do you love to do on a Sunday morning?


Friday, September 24, 2010

Rainy days

I can't wait for the first real autumn rain!
I cannot seem to find the proper yellow umbrella I'm dreaming for though (like this pretty one!). I've almost fulfilled my fall wishlist (for clothes & accessories mainly), so I am absolutely ready for the changeable weather autumn brings!
So, what's in your fall wishlist?

My first pattern!

I've always wanted to know how to create patterns. Today I watched some tutorials and although I didn't quite get the main point, I managed to do something quite like it. The thing is, I don't want my patterns to look like this - all pictures in a line. I want them to be less symmetrical, but I cannot seem to find the way... Can anyone give me a clue? :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just the thought of the outside weather is inspiring in autumn!
It was sunny but chilly today and leaves were floating all over! The most beautiful splash of colours!
It took me like the whole day to finish this drawing (considering the hair details) but I love the end result! It's simple and "autimnish" - my 2 favourite things!
I have so many ideas in my head right now that I can't choose what to start first! I've left writing aside for some time, which means I have more time for drawing and taking pictures. Yay! Isn't fall just lovely?


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome, Fall!

It's the first (official) day of Fall and I cannot be happier!
I had a wonderful wonderful day with my boy preparing for the new season! We went shopping and (as hard it is to believe) I found everything I was looking for! I bought myself a wonderful trenchcoat, some really cute ankle boots (which I've wanted for a looong long time!), a nice dress and this lovely owl-necklace to welcome the fall with! Wow!
I also finally found the perfect cup for my tea! I've always wanted it to be a Starbucks one but I'd only seen coffee cups there... And I got lucky once again! I found this cuuute retro cup and even bought my boy one, too! Isn't that the best start of my favourite season?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sail away sail awaay

I've been pretty busy lately with writing and I hadn't drawn anything for quite some time. But! The good news is that I'm really serious with this story I'm working on and I have lots and lots of ideas about the plot. Hooray!
My boy is off to another town and I have a couple of days just for myself so I guess I'll have time for both writing and drawing :)

have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It was a special day today!

My boy just turned 22 today! Hooray!
Me and Dexter organized a party for three and it was so much fun! We decorated the whole kitchen and surprised Lazar and it was lovely! It wasn't anything special - we just had some cake and celebrated at home, tomorrow is the great party... Anyways - this is the third birthday I spend with my boy (and the first one with Dexter in the house!) and it gets better and better every single year!
I just can't believe how time passes by. Just the other day we barely knew each other, now me and my boy live together, have a cute-cute dog and dream together. I just hope that this will never change...
Happy birthday, cutie!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A day at home

I've been writing short stories and poetry since my first year in high school (or even earlier) and I've always dreamt about publishing a book. I remember writing a story called "The Discovery" when I was 12, about a group of friends who land on Mars (ha-ha!) but it's too bad I've lost the file. I've since written lots of poems and stories, but have never managed to write something longer than that.
A year or so ago I wrote a couple of chapters of something, but unfortunately I lost both files on my laptop and the flashdrive I had backed them up. I've never written anything too serious to be too mad about losing, but it's just sad I never get to keep what I've done. The only writings I haven't lost are those published in my other blog ( - it's in Bulgarian though).
Anyways, yesterday I decided I would no longer write on my laptop. I bought a nice notebook with yellow pages and since then I've written about 10 pages (which is A LOT for me!). I have this completely new idea and I'm so excited when I write! So please, keep your fingers crossed I'll be inspired enough to finish this story and not to lose my notebook and... who knows - you may see me signing books in a couple of years! :)


Monday, September 13, 2010


I wanted to do a little virtual tour of our home and here it is - a couple of cute peeks from here and there! I've been working really hard on decorating this place and making it cosier and prettier and I think I've done a good job for now (although I have a lot more to do!). I l-o-v-e treasure hunting for home decorations or drawing new paintings just to hang them on the wall later on or buying colourful sheets or more and more and more new books for the library. I'll never get tired of this - it's so thrilling!

picture include:
- cute little clock with legs!
- kitchen corner
- motivational painting + smiley bank
- reading place
- adorable strawberry pillow
- bedroom sneak peek
- fridge (it's an old photo... the magnets are A LOT more now... plus, i've added some beautiful photos!)
- a small part of the library
- comfy couch in the living room
- pop art wall in corridor
- key box
- my closet
- another corridor art wall
- dining room table


Sunday, September 12, 2010


I spent days and days and days looking for it and I finally found it! The perfect tea box!
I've been so crazy about tea lately - I drink it almost all the time! I've been dreaming about a tea box for quite some time now but couldn't find it anywhere, so imagine me seeing it today in the mall AT LAST! It's Twinings' gift box and it contains 6 different tea flavours. I just can't wait to taste them all!