Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome, Fall!

It's the first (official) day of Fall and I cannot be happier!
I had a wonderful wonderful day with my boy preparing for the new season! We went shopping and (as hard it is to believe) I found everything I was looking for! I bought myself a wonderful trenchcoat, some really cute ankle boots (which I've wanted for a looong long time!), a nice dress and this lovely owl-necklace to welcome the fall with! Wow!
I also finally found the perfect cup for my tea! I've always wanted it to be a Starbucks one but I'd only seen coffee cups there... And I got lucky once again! I found this cuuute retro cup and even bought my boy one, too! Isn't that the best start of my favourite season?


  1. that necklace is beautiful! isn't fall the greatest?

  2. happy autumn to you! thanks for your lovely comment :) i love your blog!

  3. I have that owl necklace... yipiiee..
    do you love the owl?


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