Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Out of space

Hey there!
Thank to all of you who have sent me emails, contacted me here and there (it's not that hard when I have numerous profiles and accounts all around the web) to ask about the blog and Dexter and me in particular. I am fine, Dexter is great and the blog... is still here for you!

Many things have changed during the short life of Little Birds. I've been trying to focus on many things at the same time and updating the blog with fun posts for you to enjoy somehow slipped out of my endless lists. Keeping a visual diary is actually a lot harder than it seems, especially when you present it to the world. To tell you the truth - I've been having some issues with the information I've been sharing online. That is why - after a long concideration - I've decided to keep all my memories and experiences in a black leather moleskine, hidden under a camouflage of german textbooks and dictionaries. Just to play it safe, you know? :)

This doesn't mean I'm shutting down the blog, though. On the contrary - I've decided to keep it and update it every now and then with a new drawing, a beautiful place I've discovered or an occasional DIY project (you know how much I love them). If you are curious about my whereabouts, activities or inspirations at the moment, you could always check my instagram or twitter or whatever thingy I'm hooked up on. Let's keep in touch.