Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I just stopped by to wish you all a merry merry Christmas!

On this special holiday, be with the ones you love the most, smile all the time and make thousands of wishes! I hope you all have the most peaceful and beautiful Christmas!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Macaron Surprise!

I guess it's true that you find something only when you stop searching.
I've seen tons of pictures of these sweets and was pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to find them in Bulgaria. First of all, it took me a whole lot of time to understand that they are called macarons and are typical french cookies that look sooo good and taste even better.
I searched everywhere, only to find a similar-looking cookie in Starbucks, which wasn't even colourful. So, I had forgotten about macarons. Until today.
My boy surprised me with a cute little carton box today and when I saw the cute little cookies inside, I nearly cried. They not only look amazing, but they taste as heaven as well!

So, run to your local pastry shop and ask for macarons! You won't regret it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Winter Fairytale

Winter is officially here. Yay!

I am really sick at the moment because of yesterday's adventures, but it was totally worth it. I was outside almost the whole day and couldn't stop oooh-ing and aaaah-ing about the beautiful sceneries. I took soo many pictures that my hands nearly froze, but... oh, well. I adore winter, or at least the first couple of snowy days, when the snow is still pearly white and clean. People are hurrying to their homes for a hot sip of tea, children are sqeaking around and throwing snowballs and it's all so magical and white.

Like a winter fairytale.

Monday, December 13, 2010


It took me forever to finish this one.
Per usual, my idea was slightly different. I wanted to draw a huge illustration of a peacock with lots of colours and details. I looked at tons of photos of this lovely bird and wanted to draw it as realistic as possible. Then, when I finished it, it was nothing like my other illustrations. (in a bad way, though.)
Drawing realistic images was never my strong point. That is why I started all over again (a couple of times, actually) until I came up with this... It still looks like a peacock (at least to me!) and has my own signature. Isn't that what's the most important?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Drink me!

Yay! I finally found the perfect Alice in Wonderland themed necklace!
Alice has been one of my favourite books since I was a kid (along with Winnie the Pooh and The Little Prince) and I just squeaked with delight when I saw this pretty necklace, the last one!, waiting for me to take it.
And yes, I haven't taken it off ever since.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Queen of the Ocean

My laptop is back, my Photoshop is working properly and I can't be happier!
I guess this is the perfect start of an awesome week. Happy Monday everyone!


Saturday, December 04, 2010

A day in December

Yesterday was the last sunny day of December (at least according to the weather forecast) so me and my boy decided to spend it in the park, taking pictures, eating pretzels and laughing hard.
Today it's raining cats and dogs so I guess we'll just cuddle, watch another episode of Pushing Daisies (yay!) and drink some fruit tea.
What are your plans for the weekend?

Friday, December 03, 2010


This calendar was planned a long time ago, but I guess I had to clear my head off of everything else (by still not having my laptop fixed) to remind myself of the idea. Drawing it was a real adventure, actually. Firstly, when I finished with half of the months and planned the pictures of the other half, Dexter came out of nowhere to lick all of the little cards and smear the ink. Cute, right? So, I started all over again... and at the time I was colouring the sweet July cherries, the electricity went off. For the whole night! I was too excited about the calendar to leave it half done, that I finished the rest on candle light. How romantic is that?
I used super pretty recycled cardboard paper and my favourite fountain-pen and I actually like this calendar more than the one I had started on Photoshop. Moreover, it's one of a kind!