Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ok, Happy St. Valentine's to all!
I know it's too early right now to celebrate (at least for me!) but I just wanted to mention this day, although I'm not that into it. My plans are me, Lazar (& Dexter, of course!), box of chocolates (and probably a nice Sunday-cake), Nestea, nice hugging while watching a romantic movie aaand... you know, some woohoo eventually :) I don't want anything more special than that :)


Saturday, February 06, 2010

We LoVe it wHen It snoWs!!

We definately do! It's a snowy fairytale outside again and me and Lazar decided to take some winter pictures at laast! We had a very good time, although we nearly froze, lol. It's a pity that Dexter is still too young to go outside with us - it'd have been even funnier! Nice day anyway!


Friday, February 05, 2010

Dalí & Gala

I'm in the middle of Elena Shatohina's book "Dalí & Gala" and I'm fascinated!!! I'm fascinated by Dalí's life, by the one he choose to love, by everything... It's extraordinary - to know that this man existed and to know that he was not only a genius... but a human like all of us, with his downs and falls. I also watched an interview where they asked him "What do you think is your contribution to art?" and he says "To art?! None. I can't paint. If I were Velasquez or Raphael, probably I would be able to... But I am Dalí and I can't paint". And I think he really thinked that, until his very death. I cannot describe how affected I am at the moment, I can only say this: he certainly was a drug.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Her Morning Elegance!!

I can't help myself! I know I'm probably over-excited about my new blog and only think about things to post but i just can't... I can't help myself but post this wonderful video I just discovered... To be honest, the song is cute, yeah, but not actually my type... BUT THE VIDEOO!!! 100% my type, for sureee! Love it love it looove it!

ThiNgs i LoVe in JanuaRy

Okay this is my first idea... I'll blog about the things i love... in January... and in all other beautiful months. But since I missed January, I'll post about it first and then think of some things of Feb. Okay, here's my top 5 for January
1. My wonderful-day clock! Okaaay... I know it's not from January... but i like this picture so much!! Cute & trendy!
2. The beauty box we bought a couple of days ago... So in love with the pattern!
3. My brand new cameraaa! So cute and... colourful!!!!
4. My brand new Dexter - a golden retriever member to our family wohooo!
5. My bunch of stickers XD

Okay that's for now. I'm really clumsy at using Blogger's uploading system, but I suppose I'll get used to it :)
XO, lily

Something like a start

Ok this is my new blog. Quite different from the other one, i can assure you that. Sooo... Here I am going to write about everything that is special to me at the particular moment, stuff that i like and enjoy... That kind of things! I think it's going to be really cute. Aww can't wait!!!!!!