Thursday, August 16, 2012


If creativity had colour, it would be all shades of lilac. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Easy wall art DIY

One of my favourite things to do is painting groupings. I am a huge fan of art walls and I love creating pieces that go well together and form a perfect set. 
This one is really easy to make, it takes not more than an hour to finish and is also budget friendly! I've called it the "Four Seasons Set" and I'm going to show you how to make the Spring piece. All other ones need the exact same techniques and are just as easy to make.

 For this project you are going to need a couple of old book pages (I've used an old recipe book and a math textbook - my revenge was full.), some ordinary A4 paper,  paint and brushes, a pencil and a black marker and some dry glue. You can pick whatever paint you have - both acrylics and watercolours would work just fine.

 1. First off, take your pencil and draw your favourite pattern on the book page. You can choose one of my patterns or create your own - either way - don't draw anything other than your pattern outlines. Adding texture will come later on.

 2. Fill in with paint. Make sure not to apply layers that are too thick - you want to be able to see the writings. This will give your drawing texture and will make it more interesting. In my case - a person can look at an art piece and solve a math problem at the same time. Use similar colours and add white paint or more water to make them look paler. 3. When you're finished and your piece is completely dry, start overlining the pencil markings with the black marker. This will give it a more defined look and will make it pop out. You can then add different textures like little dots, thin lines or markings.

4. Once you're finished with the overlining, create a frame. If you don't have a steady hand, use a liner to create a thin frame around your drawing. Try to match the thickness of the lines for a better look. 5. Add dry glue on the back of your drawing and place it on the centre of the A4 paper. It is now ready to be framed!

Make two or three more to create a beautiful set and hang it on the wall, or use the framed drawing individually as an accent in your home. Have fun improving your place! :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sofia: here and there

Sofia is not one of those cities that you fall in love with instantly. It's messy, it's not that well-organized and being a pedestrian is a nightmare. (well, it's not as bad as the situation in Tbilisi, but still - look both ways when crossing a street and be careful, even if you're on a zebra crossing!)
When I first came to Sofia a couple of years ago I didn't like it at all. I judged the book by its cover, I admit it. Sofia doesn't have the shiny package other European capitals have - impressive old architecture, imperial gardens or shiny skyscrapers aren't exactly the things you're going to find here. But you can find pretty awesome things that are hidden and waiting to be discovered. Only if you are willing to give it a try.
I grew fond of Sofia as time went by, little by little. I learned to like the hustle and bustle, the nervous drivers, the public transport from another era. I discovered wonderful tea houses, sweet shoppes, little galleries and fancy boutiques. I know where they make the perfect blackberry smoothie and I also know a place where I can buy genuine Himalayan tea, which I absolutely adore.
Sofia is growing and improving. It is a process that will take a lot of time and effort, but the most important thing is that it's all going in the right direction. Every time when I'm out and about in Sofia, at the cinema, in a gallery or riding the underground, I see creative people around me. People who think outside the box, who do things differently - organize art events, stand behind green causes and model Sofia the way they want to see it. People who fight for originality and for a change.

One of my favourite narrow streets in Sofia (the same one with all the painted electrical panels) surprised me with this installation, which I cleverly named "Another chair in the wall". Random art hints can be found everywhere in Sofia - music notes hanging from windows, kites, flying from rooftops, old street signs covered in stickers and many many more. I can honestly say now that I do love Sofia, especially after being away from it for so long. And I am sure that every time I come back here, it will look and feel better and every time I will love it a little more. 

Friday, August 03, 2012

Fantastic (international) Four

You remember François, don't you?
Well, the little French guy was getting kind of lonely, so I decided he needed some company. This is how Johnathan, Sergej and Robert came around. They make the perfect company, the fantastic four.
Johnathan comes from the US. He enjoys karaoke and spa procedures and is a big fan of strong hairspray.
Sergej is a Russian guy. He brushes his teeth with vodka and enjoys winter skinny dipping and hunting... with bare hands.
Robert comes from Austria and is a huge beer fan. He enjoys dancing, singing and skiing but his true passion is... cooking a good crispy Viennese Wurst.
And you already know about François - he likes menthol cigarettes, sandwiches with mozzarella and... the ladies.
The four guys get on perfect with each other and meet every Friday night for a movie or something. Who is your favourite one? 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Open-air modern art

      this zebra was my absolute favourite one. It is an enlarged version of an old but very famous safety matches brand here in Bulgaria. There's also a witty pun involved, but I'm afraid only my Bulgarian friends could understand it ;)

Тwo of Sofia's liveliest streets now look better than ever. All outdoor electrical panels on Shishman and Rakovski Street have been transformed into beautiful pieces of art. A permanent open-air exhibition without a theme, without limits or regulations. But with a strong idea - the idea of making our surroundings more colourful and interesting. I got such a warm feeling while walking down these two streets. It was nice to see people smiling when noticing the pieces of art here and there, patiently waiting for me to take a picture and giving me directions to their favourite ones. It's like Sofia has finally taken off her grey dress and is dripping with colours.
I cannot tell you if this is a sponsored act or just a couple of artists trying to express themselves the best way they can. Either way: the result is great. I know for sure that one of the Bulgarian electricity companies has approved the idea and is planning to sponsor the transformation of another street in Sofia. Wouldn't it be wonderful? I would love to see more, and not only in Sofia, but in other towns in Bulgaria as well. Rousse, we have to follow!

Lovely, isn't it? For more see my flickr account or why now visit Sofia soon? :)