Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello, Tbilisi! Pt.2

I am finally back in Bulgaria, cuddling with my dog (I missed Dexter so much!) and looking at all the beautiful pictures from our little trip to Georgia. Here are some of my favourites, as I promised to show you. Now we can say you've been there with me :)

from top to bottom: 1.Tbilisi from above. 2. Sameba Belfry 3. I asked every Georgian I could... and still can't find what this is! haha! 4. Gates of Sameba 5. Sameba Cathedral 6. Bells of Jvari Monastery 7. Jvari fort 8. Bridge of Peace 9.Tbilisi at night (view from the Bridge of Peace) 10. Residence of the Georgian President (view from the Bridge of Peace)


  1. WOW!!! Those pictures are stunning! I particularly love the first and third one, they look amazing...

  2. Absolutely stunning photos, some of them literally took my breath away!! The 3 bells is my favourite :)

  3. Wow Lily, Georgia looks amazing!

  4. Unbelievable pictures, love :)


  5. wow, these pictures are amzing! I love them ^^ I have never been to countries like these =) only the Czech republic, but that's not even by far the same =) x

  6. thanks for the comment on my blog! love the pictures



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