Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cry Me A River

I almost never draw sketches. To be exact, I rarely have an idea of what to draw in the first place. I just open my Photoshop and my hand knows what to do. Sounds strange but that's just how it is. The same story goes for ""Cry Me a River" - I started drawing and this is what came of it in the end. No deep thinking or hidden messages :)



  1. Re: Yeah I'm a true rebel! ;)

    This illustration is really cool! Love the colours and textures!

    xo Lisa

  2. I love her hair and the colours!


  3. That is so cute!

    I saw your comment on MissIndie's blog and had to stop by and say hi. My name is Lillian but my nickname is I just HAD to say hi to another Lily. => (silly I know.)

  4. Aww thanks for the sweet comment and for keeping an eye on my blog!! OK I'm trying to find the follow button so I can follow you too!!

  5. It's beautiful Lily. I love how natural images come to you!

  6. really beautiful Lily ^^ I love it!!!!!<3333333333 make me wanna cry with the girl T v T hehe

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment!!

    I think the tree in my post is a crab apple tree. It's one of my favorite trees on campus. It's usually gorgeous all year...with beautiful pink and white blossoms in the spring, bright red "apples" in fall which stand out against all the white snow in the winter. My goal is to do a painting of it before a graduate.

  8. love it, the drawing reminds me of 18th century Chinese painting.


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