Monday, July 30, 2012

Things that make me happy

Dexter is an angel. He doesn't particularly enjoy being taken pictures of, but he does it anyway, because he sees how excited I always am. Or probably because I give him treats after our photo sessions. He made a new friend a couple of days ago. Little Jimmy is only 3 months old and is the most energetic little thing ever. Always jumping or running around Dexter, trying to figure out why he is so enormously big. They didn't stop playing the whole day. I couldn't even take a decent picture of them running around the house. Dexter behaves like a good big brother, always watching after Jimmy. I am very proud of him. :)
When I'm not chasing after dogs with my camera or phone, I take the time to travel around Bulgaria. There are so many places I want to visit!
Did I mention I now wear glasses? It may not be the best reason to feel happy, but for me it is. I'd never realized how bad I could see until I put them on. Thank you to everyone who has helped me read signs, german sentences on the blackboard or movie subtitles in the cinema. I can now do this alone. And with style. My new glasses are so cool that Dexter kept stealing them from me to impress his friends. I had to buy a pair for him, too. Now they call us "The Nerdy Duo".
I am reading books, enjoying my mom's divine cooking, sipping on refreshing drinks and listening to good summer tunes. What have you been up to?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Summer 2012 to-do list

I made this list during my last week in Vienna. Partially because I was too bored and couldn't wait to come back home, but also because I wanted to have a list to follow, too. I rarely make lists. Or if I do, I lose them somewhere and forget about them. But it's so much fun - writing down everything you can think of and then, at the end of the summer, checking all the things you've done and feeling sorry for the ones you've missed. I am working hard (well... not too hard, don't worry about me) on achieving every single thing from my list and I hope my summer will be long enough for all I've planned. I am reading Nietzsche, I am working on a couple of new projects, I travelled and took pictures here and there. I cuddle with Dexter more than ever and I learn how to roller-skate (tips, anyone? I'm not doing that well...) I even tried my untertwater camera, but unfortunately this one doesn't work properly, either. I think I'll never make decent underwater photos. I am also pretty excited about learning how to surf - hope the weather will be on our side in late August. Only 20 days of my summer vacation in Bulgaria have passed and I've already checked more than 6 things from my list. Wohoo!
Have you made a summer to-do list, too? What do you definitely want to do?

Monday, July 23, 2012


"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet"

When was the last time I used my tablet? I can't really remember... does this mean that I have a super awesome summer or that I'm just too lazy to draw? Probably both. How is your summer going? Do you find the time to be creative or do you prefer to sip cocktails somewhere? (non-alchoholic, please! Some of us have to drive afterwards!) Either way, I hope you're having fun! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A trip in Snapshots

It's been a little toasty around Rousse, so we decided to run away from the heat to a quiet, peaceful and, most importantly - colder place. We invited Dexter and a couple of friends and took a quick trip to the mountains, where the air is cleaner, the grass is greener, and you need an extra blanket during the night.

The weather was great, the improvised meals we cooked tasted divine and the bats that flied around the house during the night didn't scare us at all. Dexter was there to protect us, though he didn't really know what to do. Good thing we didn't trusted the boys and their fishing skills and took some provisions, because otherwise we would have eaten... three tadpoles and a frog.

The place where we stayed was too far from a big town and didn't have many residents, but the people we met were really nice and helpful. An older man taught us how to ride a horse. As it turns out - I'm a natural. I took a liking to Iceberg, the black horse and I do thing he liked me, too. A nice old lady came to us and offered fresh eggs and milk. Who does that anywhere else? A cute little girl - the only child in the village at the time - made friends with Dexter and introduced him to the cows, ducks and some little puppies. She also took me around the village and showed me her favourite places  It seemed like everyone in the village was excited about the new visitors and wanted to show and give the best they got. And they did. 


Monday, July 02, 2012

See you soon, Vienna!

This is officially my last summer day here in Vienna - I finally booked a ticket and this time      tomorrow I'll be back in Bulgaria! :) 
I had some final errands to do today and had to visit 100 places in an hour or so. It was fun, though -       the day was beautiful and I managed to capture some beautiful snaps with my phone. Here are my favourite ones!
    ***Break the law before the law breaks you.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Read of the Month: June + July

         i'm still packing suitcases... I'm definitely bringing 1Q84 home to my favourite books collection! 

Oh, Haruki Murakami... Would you ever write a book that is something less than brilliant?

My love for Haruki Murakami started as I first came here in Vienna. If I remember correctly, "Kafka on the Shore" was the very first book I bought here. The book was very overwhelming and out-of-this-world. It took me only two days to read all 600 pages and when I finally reached the end... I was dazed and absolutely confused. But I loved it.
I've since read a couple more Murakami books and I like each and every one of them. They float effortlessly between reality and imagination and leave you pondering over... well, just about everything.
If you've ever read Murakami you'll understand me when I say that I cannot possibly make a short summary about 1Q84. It's like explaining an anime plot to someone that has never seen one.
1Q84 is a book (actually a set of three books) about living in a parallel reality. It's about Little People, two moons in the sky, a lifespan of a butterfly and mystical organizations. It is full of stories within the story, mysteries and questions left unanswered. Everything is perfectly detailed and you can easily picture everything in your head. I find 1Q84 to be a romantic novel, but that's just the magic of Murakami - the book can be whatever you want it to be.
I've read reviews that this is probably not the best choice for first-time Murakami readers - not sure why, though. I loved it and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys extraordinary reads.
I am definitely adding it to my collection of favourite books.