Monday, July 02, 2012

See you soon, Vienna!

This is officially my last summer day here in Vienna - I finally booked a ticket and this time      tomorrow I'll be back in Bulgaria! :) 
I had some final errands to do today and had to visit 100 places in an hour or so. It was fun, though -       the day was beautiful and I managed to capture some beautiful snaps with my phone. Here are my favourite ones!
    ***Break the law before the law breaks you.


  1. So much gorgeous imagery! I'd hate to be leaving, but I'm sure what's next for you will be equally amazing.

  2. Such lovely photos! I would love to visit Vienna, looks like such a beautiful place!

  3. I've been to Vienna this year, but I recognize nothing! Must be the weather, I went there in November, and it was cold and dark all the time... Great photos though!

    1. Thank you! And yes - Vienna in November is only rain and clouds. But I like that. Although I have to admit - it's not a very nice weather to take pictures :) Maybe you should come back someday during the summer - you'll enjoy it even more! :)


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