Sunday, July 22, 2012

A trip in Snapshots

It's been a little toasty around Rousse, so we decided to run away from the heat to a quiet, peaceful and, most importantly - colder place. We invited Dexter and a couple of friends and took a quick trip to the mountains, where the air is cleaner, the grass is greener, and you need an extra blanket during the night.

The weather was great, the improvised meals we cooked tasted divine and the bats that flied around the house during the night didn't scare us at all. Dexter was there to protect us, though he didn't really know what to do. Good thing we didn't trusted the boys and their fishing skills and took some provisions, because otherwise we would have eaten... three tadpoles and a frog.

The place where we stayed was too far from a big town and didn't have many residents, but the people we met were really nice and helpful. An older man taught us how to ride a horse. As it turns out - I'm a natural. I took a liking to Iceberg, the black horse and I do thing he liked me, too. A nice old lady came to us and offered fresh eggs and milk. Who does that anywhere else? A cute little girl - the only child in the village at the time - made friends with Dexter and introduced him to the cows, ducks and some little puppies. She also took me around the village and showed me her favourite places  It seemed like everyone in the village was excited about the new visitors and wanted to show and give the best they got. And they did. 



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