Sunday, July 01, 2012

Read of the Month: June + July

         i'm still packing suitcases... I'm definitely bringing 1Q84 home to my favourite books collection! 

Oh, Haruki Murakami... Would you ever write a book that is something less than brilliant?

My love for Haruki Murakami started as I first came here in Vienna. If I remember correctly, "Kafka on the Shore" was the very first book I bought here. The book was very overwhelming and out-of-this-world. It took me only two days to read all 600 pages and when I finally reached the end... I was dazed and absolutely confused. But I loved it.
I've since read a couple more Murakami books and I like each and every one of them. They float effortlessly between reality and imagination and leave you pondering over... well, just about everything.
If you've ever read Murakami you'll understand me when I say that I cannot possibly make a short summary about 1Q84. It's like explaining an anime plot to someone that has never seen one.
1Q84 is a book (actually a set of three books) about living in a parallel reality. It's about Little People, two moons in the sky, a lifespan of a butterfly and mystical organizations. It is full of stories within the story, mysteries and questions left unanswered. Everything is perfectly detailed and you can easily picture everything in your head. I find 1Q84 to be a romantic novel, but that's just the magic of Murakami - the book can be whatever you want it to be.
I've read reviews that this is probably not the best choice for first-time Murakami readers - not sure why, though. I loved it and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys extraordinary reads.
I am definitely adding it to my collection of favourite books.


  1. I've never read a book by this author, but the story line and the way you described it, indeed sounds magical! I may have to add this to my summer reading! <3

  2. Hey Lilah, in response to your comment on my blog, I actually read your review very soon after finishing the novel. I'm glad you liked it! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the read. I love Murakami! But I guess I'll never be able to replace my love for Kafka on the Shore. I also really think that maybe I was dissatisfied with the English translation this time around. I bet it was much better in Japanese, but unfortunately, I'll probably never be fluent ;) I have actually had to re-read Murakami's novels before in order to really appreciate them. Perhaps that is what I will have to do with 1Q84.


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