Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chalkboard quote of the day

What have you been up to lately?
I've been packing suitcases, sipping on enormous amounts of bubble tea (it's my elixir of life in these temperatures!) and writing summer to-do lists. I have a couple more days here in Vienna and then I am finally going back to Bulgaria! How exciting is that?
Now that all my exams are over and I have some spare time on my hands, I can fully enjoy silly things like midnight walks (with the secret mission of finding the best lemon cheesecake in town), long anime marathons and even some drawing projects.
Speaking of projects, I decided it was high-time I gave our chalkboard a summer makeover. The last message had stayed there for far too long (with an addition of some extra difficult and long german words that I just could't remember). This George Bernard Shaw quote has been one of my most favourite ones lately. What about you - have you got a favourite quote at the moment?


  1. Yeaaah we have a lot of same stuff... I drink bubble tea a lot too these days and my exams are finally over too :_) I have one D from Math, but it doesn´t kill me when I know that I improved in 5 other subjects :_) My Holliday are made of walk around town with my oldie doggie Thappy and driving to our friends with Thappy for sunbath and pool-bath :_D And myself said quote "Don´t be negative, be natural..." is the quote I share and live by. Just like "Who doesn´t realize his own mistakes because of pride, the one has no pride. ~ Charles Dickens" theese two quotes are mine life-time-favourite.

  2. I like your handwriting and the little illustrations, too :P
    I don't think a favorite quote atm, but I will most def remember this one :)

  3. oh i really love your blog! so sweet! love it!

    much love,


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