Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Open-air modern art

      this zebra was my absolute favourite one. It is an enlarged version of an old but very famous safety matches brand here in Bulgaria. There's also a witty pun involved, but I'm afraid only my Bulgarian friends could understand it ;)

Тwo of Sofia's liveliest streets now look better than ever. All outdoor electrical panels on Shishman and Rakovski Street have been transformed into beautiful pieces of art. A permanent open-air exhibition without a theme, without limits or regulations. But with a strong idea - the idea of making our surroundings more colourful and interesting. I got such a warm feeling while walking down these two streets. It was nice to see people smiling when noticing the pieces of art here and there, patiently waiting for me to take a picture and giving me directions to their favourite ones. It's like Sofia has finally taken off her grey dress and is dripping with colours.
I cannot tell you if this is a sponsored act or just a couple of artists trying to express themselves the best way they can. Either way: the result is great. I know for sure that one of the Bulgarian electricity companies has approved the idea and is planning to sponsor the transformation of another street in Sofia. Wouldn't it be wonderful? I would love to see more, and not only in Sofia, but in other towns in Bulgaria as well. Rousse, we have to follow!

Lovely, isn't it? For more see my flickr account or why now visit Sofia soon? :)


  1. love street art! looks awesome!

  2. i love street art :)


  3. These are the coolest!!!

  4. Wow! These are really neat! I really wish Seattle would get it together and figure out that grafitti art like this is really fantastic. Ah, sigh. Maybe someday.


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