Tuesday, February 02, 2010

ThiNgs i LoVe in JanuaRy

Okay this is my first idea... I'll blog about the things i love... in January... and in all other beautiful months. But since I missed January, I'll post about it first and then think of some things of Feb. Okay, here's my top 5 for January
1. My wonderful-day clock! Okaaay... I know it's not from January... but i like this picture so much!! Cute & trendy!
2. The beauty box we bought a couple of days ago... So in love with the pattern!
3. My brand new cameraaa! So cute and... colourful!!!!
4. My brand new Dexter - a golden retriever member to our family wohooo!
5. My bunch of stickers XD

Okay that's for now. I'm really clumsy at using Blogger's uploading system, but I suppose I'll get used to it :)
XO, lily

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