Friday, February 05, 2010

Dalí & Gala

I'm in the middle of Elena Shatohina's book "Dalí & Gala" and I'm fascinated!!! I'm fascinated by Dalí's life, by the one he choose to love, by everything... It's extraordinary - to know that this man existed and to know that he was not only a genius... but a human like all of us, with his downs and falls. I also watched an interview where they asked him "What do you think is your contribution to art?" and he says "To art?! None. I can't paint. If I were Velasquez or Raphael, probably I would be able to... But I am Dalí and I can't paint". And I think he really thinked that, until his very death. I cannot describe how affected I am at the moment, I can only say this: he certainly was a drug.


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