Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A day at home

I've been writing short stories and poetry since my first year in high school (or even earlier) and I've always dreamt about publishing a book. I remember writing a story called "The Discovery" when I was 12, about a group of friends who land on Mars (ha-ha!) but it's too bad I've lost the file. I've since written lots of poems and stories, but have never managed to write something longer than that.
A year or so ago I wrote a couple of chapters of something, but unfortunately I lost both files on my laptop and the flashdrive I had backed them up. I've never written anything too serious to be too mad about losing, but it's just sad I never get to keep what I've done. The only writings I haven't lost are those published in my other blog ( - it's in Bulgarian though).
Anyways, yesterday I decided I would no longer write on my laptop. I bought a nice notebook with yellow pages and since then I've written about 10 pages (which is A LOT for me!). I have this completely new idea and I'm so excited when I write! So please, keep your fingers crossed I'll be inspired enough to finish this story and not to lose my notebook and... who knows - you may see me signing books in a couple of years! :)


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