Monday, September 13, 2010


I wanted to do a little virtual tour of our home and here it is - a couple of cute peeks from here and there! I've been working really hard on decorating this place and making it cosier and prettier and I think I've done a good job for now (although I have a lot more to do!). I l-o-v-e treasure hunting for home decorations or drawing new paintings just to hang them on the wall later on or buying colourful sheets or more and more and more new books for the library. I'll never get tired of this - it's so thrilling!

picture include:
- cute little clock with legs!
- kitchen corner
- motivational painting + smiley bank
- reading place
- adorable strawberry pillow
- bedroom sneak peek
- fridge (it's an old photo... the magnets are A LOT more now... plus, i've added some beautiful photos!)
- a small part of the library
- comfy couch in the living room
- pop art wall in corridor
- key box
- my closet
- another corridor art wall
- dining room table



  1. You have the cutest home! I am totally in love with it now. haha. i especially love the casual shelf and the frames on the walls. :) Great blog.
    Can you check out my blog as well please? Thanks!

  2. great pictures! it looks great too! i love treasure hunting for home things too, decorating is lots of fun!



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