Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i Love you!

When you have a special someone, you need to show him your love every single day, in a different way. When you have a special someone you somehow know you are even more special to deserve him or her. When you have a special someone, you feel inspired to create beautiful things all the time.
When you have a special someone, ordinary things like drinking tea become rituals of love and joy. Boring shopping becomes party at the supermarket. Driving is more like a secret mini-concert.
I had a great Monday just because my boy was at home. And how was your day?


  1. hii lovely girl! I haven't tried that blend before, but I will now! I still can't get enough of chai tea! It's so delicious and yummy.

    As for your Monday question, I had a pretty decent Monday. No make-up Mondays! It was nice, took some photography with my boy, drank some hot tea, read some and did yoga. It was a nice day.
    How was yours?

  2. Oh what lovely art with equally lovely poetry... Is it poetry or are you just a clever word arranger? :) First-time visitor and loving your blog.


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