Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A magical place...

Have you ever heard of Jakriborg? I hadn't. And shame on us!
It's a maaagical place somewhere in Sweden and it looks just like a fairytale village. I accidentally came across some photos of it on Flickr and couldn't help myself but draw a picture!
It somehow reminds me of Hogsmeade, probably that's the reason I fell in love with the place (Note: yep, I'm a Harry Potter nerd. Although I've never seen the movies, I l-o-v-e all 7 books!).
I reaaaally want to go to Jakriborg someday. It will be winter, I will be sitting on a bench drinking hot cocoa and just staring at those beautiful beautiful houses! I will be in my own fairytale!


  1. i want to go to a fairy tale village! that sounds sooooo awesome!! i must find this place and go!!!

    great illustration too!!


  2. wow. i love this and i love your blog. this is all making me so happy. i love this picture! ahh.


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