Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday me and my boy drove around town in search of a similar-looking ice-cream. I remembered I had seen it on a McDonald's billboard (sad but true!) and we headed to the nearest one, but the girl working there told us that there isn't such thing as "a cup of white cream with colourful candy topping". On our way home I saw the same billboard again (and I was pretty sure there was such a product on the picture!), so we drove to another McDonald's in search for the cute little ice-cream. This time I even spotted a kid ordering it, so I ran and ordered just the same. Sadly, it looked nothing like the picture... It was just a tiny little ice-cream with two or three smarties on top. Sad, right? So... I decided to make my own Smarties mini ice-cream (that's the name they use in McDonald's) at home and look how cute it turned out!


  1. i love it! i hope it tasted as good as it looked!

    by the way, i love your new banner, it's lovely!

  2. mouthing i watering....that looks so yummy!


  3. Your ice cream is so lovely!!!^^ I <3 Smarties


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