Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's In my bag?

I've recently found the perfect little bag and couldn't wait to take some pictures of it. And what's better than a little "what's in my bag" post?
It's a real wonder that a small bag like this one can hold all of my stuff but it does!! And it looks pretty cute, too!
So, here's the list of the things I carry with me every day (from upper left to right):
1. paper hankerchiefs
2. sanitizer and some make-up :)
3. reading glasses
4. agenda
5. forest fruit orbit drops
6. matchbox
7. home keys
8. iPod
9. super warm gloves, yay!
10. wallet
11. phone
12. gum

That's it!


  1. That red bag is so cute and i love those gloves they come up nice and high. Thanks for getting back to me about the blog banner. I am going to shoot you an email.

  2. haha i love your adorable red bag <33333 and awww like you said it can hold all of your stuff :P great bag!!!!^^


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