Friday, October 08, 2010

Autumn... again!

I pictured the autumn weather a liiiiittle bit different. It's just waaaay to cold outside to call it autumn! (at least here!)
I have few more things to buy and my fall wishlist will be completed. One of them is scarves-scarves-scarves! I realized I have only two and need at least... Oh, I don't know - a hundred? I bet this girl here on my drawing doesn't need one... lucky her! :D


  1. She's beautiful. Nothing like long hair to keep your neck warm. Scarves are wonderful when it gets cold I keep them on all day even hours after I get home. I hope you find some lovely ones.

  2. i am with you, i want more chunky knitted scarves! and love that illustration!


  3. Your artwork is so lovely...

    Thanks for reminding, this girl also needs to buy scarves, its the BER months once again.


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