Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas decorations

Aren't you excited that Christmas is less than a month away?! I am!! Pretty much!
I already decorated the whole house with cute Christmas stuff and even took some pictures, but since my laptop is broken and I cannot upload anything, I will only show you some hipstamatic sneak peeks:

Oh! And i found the cutest Christmas tea mug ever! (I guess I'm starting a Starbucks collection!). I can't wait for the freezing winter days when I'm at home, reading a book and drinking sweet tea from this:

So, have you put up your Christmas decorations? If yes - I want to see pictures! If not - hurryyy! :)



  1. Great Hipstamatics Lily and good luck getting everything back in working order!

  2. thanks for visiting our blog. nice to meet you..

    i have been going Christmas crazy. just posting about our christmas tree i made... i just LOVE christmas

  3. I looovve your ornaments, I really think you should do a what's on my tree post? (once you get everything working) like I did -

    it's sorta like a whats in my bag post, haha. :)


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