Saturday, November 06, 2010

teeny-tiny camera!

Okay it doesn't take pictures. But it's the cutest little camera I've ever seen!
I found it in a huge toy store and fell in love immediately! It has a flash and makes the exact same camera sound when you press the button. How cute is that?
It is actually pretty easy to believe it's a real camera. (really!) I'm thinking of using it as a necklace charm and telling people it's a super secret spy camera. Shhh! Only you know the truth :)



  1. So cute...
    Actually when you said it does not take pictures I immediately thought you could use it as pendant for a necklace... and there you wrote it too.

    A case of great minds think alike?:)

  2. wouldn't it be cool if it DID take pictures! they would be the tiniest things ever! but what a cute necklace it would make!


  3. Mega cute! Loooove the colour too :) As soon as i saw it i thought 'necklace pendant!' hehe. Or you could pop it on a cute hair bow? :)

    - Krystal xo


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