Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When it comes to best friends...

Today, a very special friend of mine made me cry. Of happiness.
Not because she knows I adore Tim Burton and all his works and has thought of me when seeing his book. Not because she sent it to me as a gift out of the blue, with no special occasion. Not even because she had put a dozen of colourful cards in between the pages so it looked even cuter.
Tim Burton's book has a dedication: "To Lisa Marie". My friend had crossed out that name and had written "Lily Bardie" instead. And I cried. I cried because it was too cute. And I cried because I love her and I miss her and I can't wait to see her this summer.
Thanks, soulmate.


  1. What an amazing sentimental gift :) These are the best kinds of gifts!

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  2. that is so sweet! what a wonderful friend. i would love to read that book, i am a fan of tim burton too! enjoy!


  3. Surprises that come in the mail are the best!
    What a thoughtful and special friend you have!!

  4. That's such a sweet gift!! Sounds like you have an amazing friend! I love surprises and soulmates! :)

    Keep smiling!

  5. lovely, lovely girls. <3


  6. This is so incredible! I love love love it when best friends do things like this! and I'm a huge huge HUGE fan of Tim Burton too! His illustrations constantly amaze me (: x


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