Thursday, March 17, 2011


Although I am mainly working on Forms (who would have known that coming up with 30 basic illustrations would be so hard?) I wanted a little break from grey and white. I used one of my old sketches for "Close" and tried to keep it as simple and realistic as I could (I'm not very good at realistic drawing.) What do you think?



  1. this is so gorgeous!!!!! i love it so much and you did a fantastic job on her hair! i always have a hard time with it but i love your style!


  2. Thanks for visiting my little blog. :)
    I really like your artwork. You're very talented.

  3. This is really simple and beautiful!!! I love how it's realistic but not totally.. My favourite part is her hair :) Great work!

  4. I really love your style... I love the angles on the wrist and elbow, and the folds of the skin on the stomach. Beautiful!

  5. Харесва ми точно тази изразителна простота! Хубав блог, прекрасно куче, чудесни рисунки!


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