Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I greeted the first day of spring with a nice cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows (here it's more like winter is coming, not leaving). How was your first (official) day of spring?


  1. Those marshmallows look yummy. Yesterday was a bit on the cold side and today was rainy. Lots of more rainy days to come. Stay warm lady.

  2. Our first day of autumn was unseasonably warm! :( though the leaves are starting to change...so slowly but surely :) x

  3. oo.. this drink looks delightful.. i want one right now..
    oh and thanks for stopping by our blog.

  4. Oh yum! This looks delicious! My 1st day of spring was snowy! :D But hopefully it'll come here soon!

    xox mervi

  5. I have never seen marshmallows that look like that... WOW... I wanna try them!


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