Thursday, September 04, 2014

Things I Like in London: Mayfield Lavender

London is... lilac.

If you get up early on a Monday, London's everything but lilac. 
If you get up early on a Tuesday or Wednesday - it's mostly gloomy and dark and grey.
If you get up early on a Thursday you might catch a sun beam or two.
If you get up early on a Friday - gloomy and dark and grey again.

But if you get up early on a Saturday, you might find London lilac. Let me tell you how.

Essential is to get up early on a Saturday. Eat a spoonful of chia. Go out for a quick run. Take a long shower. Put a raw bar or two in your bag, pack a good book, throw a coat on and catch the first train to south London. Get lost a couple of times. Take the underground. Take the overground. Take a bus and then another bus and then walk a little. Or just check a map before you do anything like that and go straight to the place. 

When you get to Mayfeild Lavender dark and gloomy and grey London has magically turned lilac. 
Bees are buzzing around, it smells of lavender and you get the feeling that you're someplace far far away from everything you know. It is nice and lilac.

You are nice, London. I like you way too much now.

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