Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Adventures in London

I remember very clearly sitting in the plane, listening to this tune and taking pictures out the window. The clouds were shining white, the sky was bright and blue and the sun was shining. Then we dived into the clouds and started to descend and everything changed - the sky turned from blue to grey, the sun hid behind а thick layer of clouds (which were no longer puffy and white but heavy and dark) and I thought to myself - well yeah, that must be London.

I won't lie - I didn't really like London for the first couple of weeks. I didn't like the place, I didn't like the weather, I wasn't really sure whether I wanted to spend a whole summer in the busiest city in Europe or not. I was really confused with the left-hand traffic, with the ridiculously complicated underground, with double-deckers travelling almost at the speed of light, with coins that have no numbers on them... I wasn't impressed by the traditional 'Fish &Chips' and I most definitely hated Marmite.

It took me some time before I finally gave London a chance. It couldn't be that bad... you start to get used to looking at the opposite direction when crossing the street. The underground isn't that complicated and double-deckers travelling at the speed of light are actually useful when you're running late. It still takes me some times to count my change but I'm slowly getting better at it. As for the food here - traditional english dishes might not be impressive but since you can find cuisine from all over the world here - it's not at all bad. I'd have a veggie Mexican burrito any time. Or a halumi wrap. Or green thai curry. You name it.

I visit museums. I go to food markets and flower markets and wine markets. (Markets are a serious business around here!). I discover small hidden shops that hide all kinds of treasures. I admire wonderful murals and street art installations. I drink lots of coconut water and rose lemonade. I buy sunflowers and succulents and dream of a big garden. I learn a few new english words every single day (word of the day today: salience). I munch on raw bars and caramel shortbread like crazy. I sometimes run, too. Not as much as I used to, but I'm keeping it up. London, that must mean we get on pretty well, no?

I'm in London to make some illustrations & design, learn some cool new recipes, visit new fun places and drink all the rose lemonade possible. I didn't really like it during my first days here because I couldn't stop comparing it to my most beloved Vienna - and you might very well guess that they have absolutely nothing in common. But after a month and a half here I must admit... London is actually nice. Yes, it is busy and crazy and loud and unpredictable. But very nice whatsoever.

Let's be friends, London - I'm nice as well.

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  1. Sounds like it ended up being a nice trip! :)


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