Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Geometric pattern nesting dolls DIY

June is here, summer is almost here and I am finally here, too (wow - it's been a while, huh?) with a couple of fresh new illustrations, a bunch of fun DIYs and a delicious recipe or two out of my red lunchbox. June is going to be great, I promise you that. And because June is great and I feel great and everything feels like rainbows and sunshine - I decorated a set of nesting dolls and I'm going to tell you aaaall about it.

I love matrioshka dolls and I loooove geometric patterns in black and white - it was about time to combine the two. For this project you are only going to need acrylic paint, permanent markers and a set of blank nesting dolls.
Start with covering your dolls in your primer colour. I used white spray paint at first but it doesn't really work well on wood, let me tell you this. Or at least mine didn't. So I applied generous coats of white and black acrylic paint to my dolls and let them dry for a couple of hours. I used pale pink to paint the faces and a pinch of red for the cheeks.
I find markers to be a lot easier to work with than brushes, so I used permanent black markers to draw all the cute patterns on my matrioshka dolls. If you want perfect straight lines and forms - use the help of some masking tape. Drawing patterns is always lots of fun - the moment I finished decorating my dolls I wished I had a couple more blank sets to work on.
Go crazy with colours and shapes or win a couple of extra points in my book by keeping everything in black and white. Either way - have fun creating your own set of customised nesting dolls!

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  1. So in love with these I can't stand it!


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