Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Red Shoes Illustration

Ah, December.
Тhe time when the cute lady with red shoes and striped socks comes to visit and leaves a trail of sweet perfume over the town.  Or was it an old man with a red hat, leaving presents during the night? Oh. I guess I've completely messed up my illustration then.
But hey, December's here (although it feels like June was only yesterday) which means hot tea, lebkuchen and an occasional run in the snow every now and again. I'm not a big fan of Christmas songs, but I've been listening to some good tunes and dreaming about a cosy house in the woods, lots of snow and dozens of home-baked cookies. Who knows, the mystery lady with red shoes and striped socks might actually exist and show up just there. I hear she smells like cinnamon and leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling of love to whoever she touches.
How about you - are you excited about December? Planning your gift lists and New Year's resolutions yet?


  1. Wh-wh-what? Girl, did you just imagine a whole new Christmas story? It won't come as a surprise to hear stories about your lady with red shoes in the near future instead of those about Santa. I admire your imagination!

  2. Love the illustration! I'm planning out my shopping list and getting in on all the holiday cheer:)

  3. Ha, I love it! And the lebkuchen!

  4. I am as excited as it gets because I am going to see YOU! :*

    Awesome illustration as always!


  5. i adore this illustration :) too cute - also love tea!

  6. This is one of the best posts here ( : I love you, your red-shoed lady, but mostly I love your green, tiny, shiny fancy boots. Зеленообувчената лайди-sounds fairy-taily magical.

    1. I knew you would come to like my green shoes eventually! :D Aма аз съм fairy-taily magical и през 3те пъти в годината, в които изляза навън ;))))


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