Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tangerine Season

Winter has come a little earlier this year. It is freezing cold outside and it has been snowing for the past couple of days. Which is always good news for Dexter who runs in circles like crazy every time we go out for a walk. Playing in the snow is his second most favourite thing in the world. After eating, that is.
I've taken out all winter equipment. Enormous amounts of both tea and tangerines are in stock - because it's not truly winter without the smell of freshly brewed tea and the sweet taste of tangerines. My sketchbooks are full of doodles I can't wait to see finished and a whole bunch of lovely books are waiting patiently on my nightstand. I can't be more prepared for winter than this. Oh, wait - I can. And I am, because I write lists. As in winter-to-do-lists.

Last year's ice-skating was a total failure (but enormous fun, nevertheless) so this time I need to be a little more serious about winter sports. Maybe even try skiing or snowboarding. I also have some running challenges I need to take seriously before the end of the year, so that I can start clean from January on. New recipes and learning this and that in illustrator are constantly on my list, so I'm not even mentioning those. 
What do you have in your winter to-do-list? Any brilliant ideas I could steal? I'd give you a tangerine for one. :)


  1. I just can't get enough of your dog!

  2. I saw tangerines on sale yesterday (like last time) and I couldn't help but think of you and our constantly orange fingers afterwards :D

    On a more important topic: let's skiiiiii!


    1. I wish I could come visit again and write a whole new set of holland haikus. :)))

    2. You are always always welcome! Check the tickets, there are some 60e returns here and there ;)

  3. Just found your blog from someones sunshine award! Really love the illustrations you've posted on your blog!

  4. I'm so happy I've found your blog :) I love it <3 Followed :)
    Muilo Burbulai

  5. The tangerine and your dog are absolutely adorable!!

  6. woow Love your pictures!!! great blog!

  7. Beyond AMAZING post :) love your cute blog

    Check out my new Swedish decor post and.....

    Have a lovely weekend pretty

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion


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