Thursday, December 12, 2013

Red Shoes Illustration #2

The mysterious lady with the red shoes and striped socks visits the town during the night. She comes in through an opened window, plays one of your favourite songs (she might even introduce you to this one, it's magical) and leaves you with the feeling you should cook a nice dinner, bake cookies (you could tell I'm into baking lately, couldn't you?), or just do something you don't usually do. She is such a nice lady, I am sure you've already met her in some way.
This is actually the first illustration I did of her. (see previous one here) I have a couple more in mind, because - well - we better know all her possible whereabouts. She's not to be missed.
If you have any useful information, feel free to share! :)


  1. This is such a nice illustration! And the song you have linked goes really well with it. Nice work

  2. So clever and funny! I loved it a lot, great photo and words together :)

  3. I love your mysterious lady !

  4. Cute blog you got here, thanks for your comment on mine ;)



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