Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hello, September

I'm glad it's September already. I love chilly mornings and sweater weather and rainstorms and how everything looks during autumn. I decided to create a couple of autumn-loving characters to welcome September and besides - after having so much fun painting on stones and sea shells - it was only natural to try out leaves, too.

There is something very relaxing in working with natural materials. Working with stones was easy, because the surface is flat and the material is easy to paint on. Leaves, on the other hand, are very delicate and can easily be damaged if not handled with care. I used permanent markers with soft tips for the illustrations and pressed the painted leaves afterwards to preserve their form. This is the perfect home decoration for September, or - even better - the cutest little gift for a complete stranger in the park.
I haven't used anything to keep the leaves from drying out completely, so I guess it won't take long before they get crispy and start to crumble. Nevertheless, they have served their purpose.
Hello, September.


  1. Did you really give one of these to a stranger? I wish I was this lucky one!

  2. never seen anything like that before! really cool! :)

  3. Oh my, my heart kind of stoped for a second, SOO CUTE. Adorable, and beautiful What a great idea ^^

  4. I absolutely love these! Your drawings are so cute :)

  5. These are seriously amazing! I love your illustration style!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  6. I love love love these! Did i say I love these? ha

    xx Alecia with

  7. Beautiful! I wonder if you put them in a book if they will preserve and not get too crispy and crumble.


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