Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fridge Magnets DIY

I'm a collector.
I collect too many things all at once: old coins, stickers, notes, magnets. Ah, magnets. I get a little excited every time I visit a new country just because I get to spend some time picking the most beautiful ones. And because I'm not planning a trip anytime soon - why not creating some handmade magnets?

The materials needed are simple: easy-dry clay, paint and brushes, neodymium magnets, quick-dry glue, pencil and permanent markers for the final decoration.
First off, you need to decide what shape your magnets would be. I was lazy, I admit it, so I only cut a couple of circles out of a thin layer of clay and left them on a flat surface to dry overnight.

Once the clay had completely dried off, I started lightly sketching my designs on with a pencil. You might skip this step and start colouring right away - I just wanted to have some guides. If you use a pencil though - don't get too serious. Erasing it from the clay is a little difficult and leaves smudges on the surface that wouldn't look cool unless you cover them with colour.

I used poster paint because it is permanent and because it hardly loses its color intensity over time. I am not sure if watercolours would be a good idea, since the clay is also water-based, but play around - it might work as well. Or you could try permanent colour markers.

It takes a couple of minutes for the poster paint to dry, so by the time you've painted your last magnet (if you're making, like, more than three) the first one would be ready. You can then add outlines and textures using permanent markers. And only one more thing before your magnets are good to go - because, let's face it, they're not yet magnets. Take your easy-dry glue, dab a generous amount of it on the backside of your work and stick on the magnet. A couple of seconds later you're absolutely ready!

Have fun creating your own fridge magnets and don't forget to share them! :)


  1. Girl, you should def sell these!

  2. I collect magnets too. When I visit a new country/city, I always buy a magnet. Yours turned out really well, I love the cute illustrations. x

    Nerve Wires

  3. Love love this blog so much!
    I follow you, your ilustrations are amazing

  4. Well i put the blog on my fab list... ; )

  5. Wow Amazing DIY. It would like so much to my nephews.

  6. thanks for your sweet comment :) my boots are from a shop called dotti
    anyways you are so creative <3 absolutely love your magnets!!!!! they are so cute! wish i was as creative as you

    xx Brigette

  7. Oh wow! These are too cute! I will definitely try to make my own magnets!

  8. Very cute magnets! You have also a nice Blog and your Illustrations are great!

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  11. Usually I roll my eyes at fridge magnets and associate them with tackiness, but these amazing creations have totally changed my mind! I particularly like the little faces.

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