Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wherever you can find pancakes on a Sunday, you can find love.

Pancakes are a special treat for me. They smell like birthday mornings and love.
I am still learning how to cook stuff. Sometimes it's a piece of cake and sometimes I end up with a stew although I've followed a soup recipe. But it's alright. I'm eager to learn. And I am getting better, actually.
Pancakes are different, though. I can make a perfect batch with closed eyes. I can flip them like a pro, I can make them in funny forms (like Totoro, for example) and they always taste great. I have only one condition: it has got to be on a Sunday. My idea of perfect romance is having pancakes for breakfast on a gloomy Sunday. With apricot jam and with cheese and with some Nutella, please.
I love sitting here on the red couch with my boyfriend (while it's snowing outside for the first time!), munching pancakes and laughing at funny dog videos. We miss Dexter. He loves pancakes as much as we do. It's a family thing.


  1. Hehe we both posted about food we made today :3 these look so yummy! xx

  2. Ah beautiful post and photos, my dear! <3 If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post :)

  3. Love the title! Pancakes do mean love. I always seem to burn them, though.

  4. Sundays at your house sound perfect!

  5. I think I need pancakes tomorrow! They look yummy!!!!

    kuki xx


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