Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Read of the month: October

I've waited for this book for so long. Not as excitedly as I would wait for a new Harry Potter book, but still - I couldn't wait to get my hands on "The Casual Vacancy".
I find it funny that it is called an adult book. All the kids that grew up with Harry Potter are all adults now, so I guess it's only natural. I expected it to be shorter, but I guess it's better this way- we all have more to read. I've only read a couple of pages in the underground so I cannot say if it's good or bad yet. I know the book has nothing to do with imaginary worlds, adventures or magic. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I know it wouldn't be as marvelous and amazing as the Harry Potter story, either. It is an ordinary book about ordinary people and their ordinary lives. But I am eager to read it anyway.
Because I know the storyteller won't disappoint me.
I am sure that this book will be criticized more than usual. And I get it. But the name Rowling doesn't necessarily mean magic. It means a good read and I am sure this book would be just that.
Let me know if you're reading it, too! I'd love to hear what you think about it!


  1. She's got a new book!?!?! I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

  2. Ohhhh I snuck into the Chapters on my way home from the grocery store (the Casual Vacancy display was right by the open doors - SUCH GOOD MARKETING Haha!) and I picked it up to take a peek - I might have to buy it tomorrow.....


  3. This picture is awesome! I would love to read that book. I need to get more into reading now that it's winter and things are starting to slow down a little!

  4. LOL to your comment below the comment form.. hmm that probably means that I write too little blog comments!! :D Thanks for visiting my blog. I have never even read the Harry Potter books, but I've seen the movies, and love them, although they were better when they were kids. Everything had more sense of humour then and I liked that. It must feel weird to have read the HP series and then move on to a new book by JK R that is just... ordinary!

    1. You are absolutely right, Susi! I read and read and read and I know nothing magical would happen, but subconsciously I always wait for it in the next pages. And whenever I read a curse word or something similar, I'm like "no no no no! You aren't supposed to curse!" :D But I enjoy the book nonetheless! :)

  5. I really need to get my hands on a copy of this! I think people will criticise it, but it must be so hard for her to break out of the HP mould and try something new with her writing!

  6. I'm not reading this yet but is definitively on my to read list! Please tell us what you think when you're done reading it! And have lovely day!


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