Friday, October 05, 2012

Flowers in her hair

Another "Flowers in her hair" illustration. (do you remember the first one?) 
I guess I have a thing for flower wreaths. And roses. 


  1. Wonderful illustration! As usually :)

  2. What kind of program do you use? If it's photoshop how do you use do it?!?! I'm just confused every time I use photoshop.

    Lovely illustration! Like always! :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Photoshop does look a bit scary in the beginning, doesn't it? It has too many buttons, too many features and options and is a bit more complicated to use than other programs. But this needs getting used to. Photoshop is actually pretty easy to use (although I can't say I'm using half of the features it offers), so don't worry! You could watch online tutorials and how-tos and explore it a little bit yourself. I am sure you'll get the hang out of it - it just takes time :) -xx

  3. Thank you for the sweet blog love! :)
    And oh my gosh. Your illustrations are amazing. Do you sell any of them or do customized ones?


  4. Wow great illustration you are so talented! I'm going to have to go to your design site and see how much you charge for your work! I'm looking for someone to help me spice up my blog ;P

    Dearest Lou


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