Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Playing with stamps: book separator DIY

I'm not used to using book separators. I believe I am able to remember my progress without any reminders which, as it turns out, never happens. I end up reading pages I've already read or skipping whole chapters.
Finally, after losing another half an hour in searching of where I had left my book, I decided I actually did need a book separator. I've never been keen on using random pieces of paper, candy wrappers or old receipts (as my boyfriend does). I needed something fancier!

All needed for this DIY is a piece of cardboard in a pretty colour, letter stamps and an ink pad. The thicker the cardboard the better, because it wouldn't fold and lose its form.
You could type whatever you like - a favourite quote, song lyrics or something funny. I chose this text because it is short and can fit within only one row. Make sure you work on a hard surface so that you can press the stamps easily and get the best possible image. It could get a little messy - every time after I use ink I find smudges on the most curious places. Let the ink dry completely before using the separator - you don't want to ruin your book!
Ta-dah! You can now throw away all random papers and receipts you use and mark your reading progress with style!


  1. D: So cool!! Omg so original too.

  2. lovely blog.

  3. It's not that easy in my area either, but that's why I used the internet to get most of my tapes. There are a lot of small shops out there, you just have to keep looking ;)
    I love your idea of a book separator! It's so simple and the stamps are reusable for anything!
    xo Julia

  4. I love this! so simply but cute - this would be great for studying too!


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