Friday, April 01, 2011

Peacock Feathers

First day of April finally felt like spring. Me, my boy and Dexter were out the whole day, enjoying the lovely weather and spending some quality time together. "Peacock feathers" is a quickie I did for a very special friend of mine who has a birthday today. What do you think, will she like it?


  1. I think obviously she will! This is awesome!
    There's good weather here in Italy too, finally :)

  2. you are by far one of my fav blogs to look at, i love love your art work.

    i award you a stylish blog award on my blog.. go check it out.

    Xoxo Lisa

  3. Excellent. The colors are so true to life and you captured the perfection of imperfection in each feather. Good job.

    I hope you get to enjoy the beautiful weather you are having this weekend. It's a beautiful weekend here in the middle of America too!

  4. This is gorgeous, love the delicacy (: xxxx

  5. I love the softness of those pictures, I like it a lot ^^ You are really talented :)

  6. Lily, i love it! all your drawings and photography has been causing many inhales for me today, lovely things on your beauty of a blog. i kinda think she'll MORE than like it. ♥


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