Saturday, April 09, 2011


I am having a marvelous weekend. My mom is over for a couple of days and we're having so much fun. We'd planned a road trip and have been driving around beautiful towns and places and singing evergreens and laughing a lot. It's priceless.
I forgot to bring my camera (of course.) but managed to take a single snapshot with my iPhone than I can share with you.
What are your plans for the weekend? I am off to some more adventures, see you soon!



  1. this weekend i need to clean my home ;)
    have a nice weekend

  2. This photo is so beautiful and atmospheric. Where abouts was it taken? Loving the blog btw :) x

  3. beautiful art, and fabulous photographs!

  4. Love the sky! And since purple is my favorite color, so I love the sky moree!

    I just stay at home this weekend :)
    Hope you had an amazing time with your Mom :)

  5. The picture is amazing, I hope you have/are having a lovely weekend with your mother! x

  6. Have a great time Lily. We have been cycling and celebrating!

  7. this is BEAUTIFUL! i hope you & your mom share some excellent adventures!

  8. First, the picture is just magical. Second, I am so so jealous of your quality time with your mum! But of course, I'm happy for you! ^^ <3


  9. I love the mood of this picture....beautiful:)


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