Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lego Lunchbox

This blog has been many things: a journal, where I post pictures of whatever my camera finds interesting; a diary, where I write stories about my everyday life; an inspiration board for all things that pique my interest...  but mainly - a place where I share all the things I create. 
I've been paying a lot of attention to myself for the last couple of months. I wanted (and still want) not only to improve my skills in drawing and designing things, but improve myself in the process as well. I've taken up running. I cook a healthy meal whenever I can (cook meaning I try really hard and fail almost every time but end up eating the food anyway, a little ashamed. Which actually motivates me to do a little better next time). I read a good book before I fall asleep and watch a good movie when I find one. I try to learn something new everyday: a recipe, a new skill, a fun fact, a complicated German saying... sometimes all four things at once. I try to be a better person. Do good, be nice.
Last week I bought myself a lunchbox. I saw it in a children's toy store and fell in love with it immediately: it's a big red shiny Lego brick and it is admittedly the coolest thing in the world. I hadn't used a lunch box in my life. I hadn't brought lunch anywhere. But I knew this might just be my newest hobby. 
And it is.
I now try to prepare myself homemade lunch as often as possible. And since I have the coolest lunchbox in the world, I also want the content to look and taste just as cool. Which keeps me motivated to prepare better, tastier and healthier food. 
I've grown so fond of this idea that I decided to keep track of the things I put into my lunchbox. I promise I'm not transforming Little Birds into a culinary blog. I want to share with you a couple of lunch ideas, maybe a recipe or two that I've invented in the process, and - let's be honest - brag a little about how cool I look in the cafeteria eating lunch out of my Lego brick. And who knows - you might want to buy yourself a lunchbox too and we can all join forces and start a revolution together. In the pursuit of good homemade food. 

Lego Lunchbox today:
Rucola + Spinach Salad: rucola and spinach, black olives, crab sticks, chia seeds, mozzarella.
water (yeah yeah, I had to share a photo of my super high-tech water bottle which non-intentionally matches the colour of my lunchbox. Ok I lied. It was all carefully planned.)
pomegranate seeds for dessert.


  1. Homemade food is always the best option! I try to bring a meal to work when I can but I have to buy a box like this one - it surely makes in impression! Does it have sections? The bottle looks nice too :^)

  2. Your lego lunch box is so cute!! I want one for myself!

  3. That lunch box is so fun! I love that it's inspiring you to make and bring your lunch places!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Most time I make my own food, cute lunch box by the way.

  5. How wonderful! I have been trying to do the same. I try to learn something new everyday.
    I think it's great that you keep trying to learn how to cook. I am still trying to. I found a handful of recipes in the Rachel Ray magazine, it was in the "No Recipe Zone" and it's all in pictures. It was easy to follow and and I tried a few and now I can make chicken marsala, sausage ciacciatore, lasagna, just a few I can always go back to. Oh, and I love your lunch box!

  6. That looks amazing, and I love the box!


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