Sunday, October 13, 2013


I have a list about pretty much everything. Some things I check quickly after writing down, others... just take a little bit longer.
Something that has stayed for waaay too long on my "To-learn list" is vector illustration. It is completely different from what I'm used to in digital drawing and to be honest - I've been afraid of it. I've been so afraid of it that it took me a couple of years to get out of my comfort zone (Photoshop) and try new things. Turns out vectors - like every single other thing - aren't that scary at all, once you get to know them. I've been watching tutorials and playing around with tools in Illustrator and I've been enjoying it so much, that I've come up with a resolution: I've given myself three months to learn Illustrator. I say it out loud so that I feel guilty whenever I watch a Regular Show episode instead of another tutorial. I'll keep you updated on my progress and let's hope this flower vase - my very first attempt in vector illustration - will look a lot better in a few months' time.
Some wise words before I leave you for yet another tutorial: don't be afraid to try things. Starting is always the toughest. It gets fun afterwards. ;)


  1. Girl, if this is your first try in illustrator, your already doing a great job! I admire your talent

  2. wow. this is so gorgeous!!! I know you can be just as good! I really want to learn better vector illustration, too - I can do simple stuff, but really need to get better!

    1. Once you start you'll get soo hooked that you wouldn't want to do anything else for while, I promise. :)


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