Sunday, September 23, 2012

Matchbox cover poster

A couple of days ago I received a priceless collection of matchbox covers. At first I thought it was a collection of postmarks, but then I took a closer look. I found them fascinating and I felt bad that they were all hidden in a soap box. That is why I decided to make a poster out of them. It is an easy project to make and it doesn't matter if you use postmarks, matchbox covers or even public transport tickets.

I decided the poster would look better on stretched canvas. I used water-based glue for easier spreading. If you want to do a poster like this one, remember to always arrange the pieces beforehand. I wanted it to look like a puzzle, so I mixed landscape and portrait covers. I chose the oldest (and most interesting) matchbox cover for the center and then I picked all other ones by colour. I mixed the glue with water and used a soft small brush to spread it equally. After sticking all the covers, I applied a thin layer of glue over the poster, to make sure it wouldn't peel off and to give it a nice shine.

This poster is great because it's colourful and every single piece hides a story. My parents find it especially interesting because they remember all matchbox covers and I guess this brings childhood memories. For me it is a piece of history. A stylish one, too.


  1. this is such a great idea! fantastic result! :)

  2. thats pretty creative.. came out great!

  3. nice! thanks for sharing the process.

  4. Oh wow so so so cool! I love this, what a great way to utilize pretty vintage finds!


  5. Well I am glad I left a comment because I don't want a little raccoon taking a pair of my socks! They rarely match...but still I guess he'd have to take two.

    This is an awesome little post. I have a whole load of canvases I dont' know what to do with...this is awesome :) :) Great job!

  6. This is fabulous! You have honored all of the artists of the matchbook covers in this "quilting" project, and you have inspired me to imagine the possibilities for my own collections. Your poster is like a library filled with books and stories to tell. Genius! Thank you for sharing!


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