Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grey mornings

Summer is long gone and it's time to bring out warm clothes and tea cups and rain boots. It's been raining for a couple of days now and it is the perfect weather for chilling at home, reading books and sipping on sweet tea. Or taking Dexter for a walk which turns out to be a one hour chase in the puddles. Or watching TV shows with Lazar and falling asleep every now and then like an old couple. Or finishing a whole book in a day.
I love grey mornings. When I wake up and hear it rains outside I already know that it's going to be a good day. Today I am armed with green tea, Oreos, a bunch of favourite magazines and some lovely German songs as background. Dexter is not-so-silently sleeping beside me and I can see the rain pouring down the screen window. This is my september adventure.


  1. this sounds like the perfect day! :)

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  3. Grey mornings are so peaceful. I hope it rains here soon. :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!


  4. this sounds wonderful! i'm so's still hot as blazes here in los angeles. i think i'll indulge in some oreos anyway! ;)


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