Saturday, September 22, 2012

In my bag

My dad was looking for my car keys the other day and couldn't find them. I told him to check in my bag and he came 10 minutes later, my bag on his shoulder, and told me it was like a whole different universe inside. Well... he is probably right.
I carry around a lot of things, that is why I like big bags. I like to know that everything I need is within reach everywhere I am, even if this means that... my bag is a bit too heavy. Especially when my camera and lens are in it, too.
I carry a purse, where all my documents are, three sets of keys + my car keys, hand cream and a Miffy purse that holds a couple of lip balms, a notebook where I write down my ideas, pens, my yellow Nintendo DSi (you know... when I need to wait for something for too long.), my iPhone, chewing gum and drops, two pairs of glasses, Winnie the Pooh plasters (for all extreme situations with uncomfortable shoes), cards that I give away and a StickerBook with my stickers. Oh, and I also found an old lollipop and some change at the bottom. But no, I never carry old receipts or useless papers or anything like that. My bag might not be too organized, but every single thing has a purpose. 
That's what my Universe looks like.
What do you carry around in your bag?


  1. Your blog is great and fantastic! I love it <3
    And I follow you. xoxo :*
    Thanks for your visit&comment on my blog.

  2. Omg inside of my bag are all rubbish, but yours! Omg sooo cute D:!

  3. I wish I hadn't have to carry a bag at all. Sometimes I put some money, my keys and my cell phone in my jean's pockets and off I go! If I need to carry something else like my camera or somebooks I carry the smallest bag I can find :D

  4. Lol...vey very very interesting bag. But this is all need for one lady :)

  5. I am the very same way with everything I keep in my bag - a planner, a notebook,a sketchbook, pens and pencil, eraser, keys, wallet, earphones, etc. etc.!


  6. I love "in my bag" posts. They are my favorite :) I guess I'm nosey, haha.

  7. I love your make up bag, so cute!


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