Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One less boring carpet.

I have seen variations of this tutorial more than a hundred times, it was about time I did it myself. I love chevron and I had a hideous creme carpet in desperate need of restyling. I took the half-priced textile paint as a sign to get some work done.
Since the accents in our new apartment are red (not my idea but oh well... I am working with what I have) I chose Karmin red textile paint. If you want to do this project you will also need a big heavy brush (I used number 20 but I suggest you go for a bigger one) and some thick duct tape. You might use paper stencils, but it will be more difficult, because they wouldn't stick to the carpet as duct tape will and you might lose the crisp line. Oh, and you will also need an ugly carpet. Or a boring one. Or one that you're already tired of.

If you seek perfection and absolute symmetry, I recommend you use a ruler for making the pattern. I did it by hand, (partially because there was not a single ruler at home) and it works well too - you will just need some extra time.
Painting on textile is not like painting on paper or canvas. The paint soaks in quickly and you have little time to spread it. You might want to have that in mind when planning how much paint you will be needing.

Textile paint dries quickly, so by the time you're painting the last line, the first ones you've done will be already dry. You can gently remove the duct tape and see if there are any imperfections that can be corrected.

And there you have it, the boring carpet is not that boring anymore. It's even cute. And a great conversation starter, too! When some nice people come to your place for a cup of black tea with milk and honey (because I make the best tea latte around!) and say "Hey, how are you, how have you been?", you can say "See the carpet over there? I decorated it!".
True story!


  1. looks awesome! thats a bad ass idea! hummm giving me thoughts!

  2. wow that is super cute! i was looking at a carpet that looked liked that and the website didn't have the pricing and you know that when they don't show pricing that is waaay out of your price range. what a great idea and a great way to upcycle a tired old rug!

  3. This is fantastic! I just saw textile paint at the craft store this past weekend and I was totally intrigued! I've painted clothes before but i never thought to use it on a rug! Yours look AMAZING!

  4. Hi! :-)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. I always love reading comments from my readers. :-)

    I would just like to say that you carpet looks really awesome. It has more flavour to it and it definitely makes the room look more interesting. I love that you used the colour red because it just brings life to the carpet that used to be so plain. :-)



  5. that looks so great! i want to try this so much, i must go looking for an ugly rug! thanks so much for sharing this awesome project :)

  6. Looks great! I've been tempted to try this out as well, must buy a rug first.

  7. Love the look of the new rug! Such a simple fix and looks fantastic :)

  8. Ouuuhooo so cute! Especially loving the chevron pattern ;) !


  9. Awesome! Loving this!

    ♥ sécia

  10. you are too cool. it looks so professional!

  11. Wow! I'm impressed. That came out looking great - love the pop of red in the room! I need to make this happen :)

    Cute blog, following you now and look forward to seeing more :) Have a nice night!

  12. this is so neat!! i love the way yours turned out :D

  13. I have seen this tutorial around too but I need to try it out as well. Yours turned out lovely. I really like the color you chose - it makes your kitchen pop :]


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