Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Fancy!

I love jewelry. I really really do. I can look around jewelry stores for hours and never get tired of it. They are just so pretty!
My only problem is... I seldom wear any. Not that I don't have tons of! Quite the opposite. I always end up buying beautiful pieces, even though I know I will probably never wear them, so I've built up a small collection. I have gorgeous feather earrings, handmade rings, cute necklaces and bracelets... stored in boxes somewhere in Bulgaria.
That is why one of my New Years' resolutions is to wear more accessories. I've collected my favourite pieces in a cute box and I've put it near the mirror, so every morning when I get ready, I can see it and pick something out of it. Do you want to see some of my most favourite ones?

1. The Owl Necklace - I love it! It's cute and detailed and very very artsy. It's my safe zone. Whenever I can't think of anything else to pick, I pick Mr. Owl. (which is 60% of the time.)
2. Indiana Jones Necklace - I don't know why I call it that way. I've never seen any Indiana Jones movie, but I always picture him with a necklace like that. And I feel like such an adventurer when I wear it, haha!
3. Chevron bracelet - I loved it from the moment I saw it, but didn't buy it immediately. (because I knew I wouldn't wear it). Then a couple of days ago I went back to the shop and saw it was half price off. I couldn't leave it standing there alone! :)
4. Dreamcatcher earrings - I used to wear earrings all the time. As a matter of fact, I used to have 4 pierced holes on my left and 5 on my right year. Now I barely stand earrings. But I can make an exception for those two!
5. Secret Key Necklace - I bought this as a present for someone and kept it for myself. When I'm not wearing the owl necklace, it's because I've chosen this over it. :)
6. Peacock necklace - a gift from the far away Georgia. It's lovely and reminds me of one of my drawings.
7. Watches - I may not wear accessories too much, but I can't leave the house without a watch. I'm just used to having it on my hand and I feel really uncomfortable when I leave it at home. I love big watches, which sometimes is a problem, because I wear them on my right hand and writing or drawing can get a little more difficult :)
8. I never wear rings. Every time I try to put one on my finger, I almost immediately take it off. That doesn't stop me from liking rings, though. Especially big ones. Roses, anyone? ;)


  1. Ha ha I always buy loads of necklaces and earrings and never wear them! I love the look of them in the shop and everyone else but not me!

  2. you have amazing jewelry. How come you don't wear it all the time?! really, you have pretty cool blog =)
    btw, where are you from?

  3. Great collection of jewelry! :) I like your idea of picking your favourite pieces and sticking them near you when you get dressed in the morning - I do that with necklaces :)

  4. Thanks for dropping by! I love the look of your blog and will now be following through Bloglovin'!

    Maria xx

  5. i like that resolution, you should wear those beautiful things. :) i specially love that owl necklace (i have the exact same owl earrings), the flower rings and the key necklace. :)

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)
    I just read through some of your earlier posts and I absolutely love your artwork, especially the fox-head lady - I think it's fabulous! Definitely following your blog now :)

    I think wearing accessories is a great resolution! I'm the same way, so much jewelry that never gets worn! Oops! Maybe I should try harder too!


  7. beautiful jewelleries! i am the same. i buy a lot and never wear them. once in the while i do like- come on wear them! totally can relate to you

    xo katrina

  8. Влюбен съм в блога ти ... За жалост трябва да си лягам, но утре със сигурност ще го разгледам целия :) Имаш си нов последовател. :)))

  9. i love that key necklace, and i have that owl too! i don't wear him out much though maybe i should start :)

  10. I have that owl necklace and I love it and i also have matchy earrings that are so sweet!You have good taste in jewels.

  11. Great colors!

    ♥ sécia

  12. I love jewelry too! But sometimes I forget about all my wonderful pieces (it happens a lot actually)! I love you're jewelry box, it's adorable! :)

  13. i love unique pieces of jewelry-- i love that you have so many statement pieces :) and roses? yes please! ;) xo


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