Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The Arsenal is a former military complex in Vienna that is now the largest military history museum in Austria.
To be honest, I am not fascinated by military history. Guns that have been used hundreds of years ago, original uniforms and hot-air ballons used by spies are all very well... but are not exactly my type of thing.

What really fascinated me was the Arsenal itself. The beautiful building is more than 150 years old and it is still preserved in its original form. It has breathtaking interior! Amazing ceiling art.
Huge paintings in neoclassicism and baroque, showing epic battles and famous emperors. It is so majestic that you can hardly believe it was made by humans.

P.S. All of the pictures above are taken with my new Nikkor Lens 10-24mm. I've wanted wide angle lens for such a long time and this Christmas my dream came true. I am so happy with the results! I love taking pictures of architecture and probably that's why me and my new buddy are inseparable. What do you think? Do you like wide angle photography?


  1. You are very much talented! Pictures are fantastic!

  2. Well i want so badly a spesific canon model (she's like a... a... well so cute!) and i hope that i will buy it in the next months! #bliss I really like the vibe of your blog, so positive and cozy, like i went to a friend of mine to drink a cup of tea! :D Definately following up in bloglovin! cya! =)

  3. these are so beautiful. i am also aching for a wide angle. lucky girl!


  4. Great photos! The architecture is amazing!


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